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Website Analytics Services

Do you ever wonder:

  • Where do my website visitors come from and how do they navigate my website?
  • Which marketing campaigns generate leads and customers?
  • Which webpages do my customers find engaging? How do I improve engagement?
  • How do visitors react to my email or search marketing efforts?

Understanding visitor behavior on your website is critical for successful business and marketing decision-making as visitors' experience with your website will influence their conversion as a customer. The professional use of Google Analytics and other analytics packages, when properly configured and implemented, can shed valuable insight into customer values, behavior and trends that enable you to make decisions that drive your business. Through the implementation and management of an Analytics package for your website, our dedicated team of Web Analytics Consultants can answer these questions and more.


SnapHawk's Consulting Model

To position our clients for optimal success, we have a solid consulting model to deliver actionable insights. Following is our four-step process for implementation of Website Analytics:

1) Understand Business, Marketing, and Website Goals (Learn More)

2) Customize and Setup Your Analytics Package (Learn More)

3) Execution (Learn More)

4) Measure and Refine (Learn More)


Service Check List

We understand that while some of our clients may have never used Website Analytics, others have realized its value and have already applied Analytics to their websites. No matter what stage you are at with Analytics, SnapHawk offers a customizedconsulting process to help you significantly improve your website performance.

SnapHawk will:

  • Provide an introduction to Website Analytics
  • Identify your marketing objectives and Key Performance Indicators
  • Custom install Analytics
  • Provide basic service and reporting
  • Upgrade to advanced service and reporting
    (e.g. setup and tracking of conversions, funnels, filters, traffic segmentation, ecommerce, email marketing, etc.)
  • Provide detailed actionable recommendations and business insights
  • Provide integrated marketing communication consultation
  • Provide Website Analytics software training if needed


For information on pricing and service packages, please visit Pricing.

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