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Hear what our clients and partners have to say about their success and ours. Below are just some of the experiences our valued clients and partners have had with SnapHawk®.

"As a non-profit, we needed more volunteers and more donors to honor our most senior Veterans. In less than three months of working with SnapHawk, we increased our volunteer base by 200% and our donations increased by over 100% compared to last year. We gave SnapHawk our strategic goals—and they delivered. Through testing, analysis, and modifications of Honor Fight Chicago’s website, SnapHawk translated our goals into a reality. Thank you!"

Mary Pettinato
President—Chicago, Illinois
Honor Flight Chicago

"Most folks mouth service platitudes by rote, because everyone touts service as "the key." But unfortunately, from what I've seen, there are bloody few firms that actually provide it, because good service is largely fueled by emotional energy; and it's exhausting to care about people. What we see, though, is that the firms that really understand how to demonstrate visible, visceral caring through relentless attention to detail and immediate, non-defensive responses to feedback are the ones that thrive. SnapHawk is doing that, and I congratulate you on your commitment to what really matters."

Peter Norlin
Executive Director—South Orange, New Jersey
Organization Development Network

"I'm not sure what you've done; however, in last few weeks we have received two months worth of leads in like 3 days. You're the best!"

Julie Russert
Owner—Chicago, Illinois
Niche Marketing of Promotional Products

"I would highly recommend the services of SnapHawk. Many people told me I could just do the work myself but one of the first things I learned was a tip that saved me months of headaches and that was just one suggestion! David Miller is a true expert in the field who knows how to talk to clients and he is incredibly generous with his time. Every business who wants to succeed on the Internet in this new world of technology needs the services of a company who will give you straight answers, reasonable prices, and expertise that would take you years to learn on your own. SnapHawk is that company."

Steve Borland
Owner—Teaneck, New Jersey
Niche Marketing of Parenting Products for Teens

"David Miller is a 'killer' when it comes to business. He is the most hyper motivated person I know. I so mean it. If I were to be stuck in a trench with anyone, David is my #1 pick far above anyone else!"

Jim Minzer
Owner—Schaumburg , Illinois
High Tech Mobile Company

"SnapHawk opened the world of online marketing to our counseling center. Our need was to increase awareness of our counseling service for the surrounding communities. Prior to SnapHawk's professional services our marketing initiatives were simple and lacked creativity (e.g., yellow pages, brochures, etc.).

The team at SnapHawk provided a clear understanding of the technical and strategic elements involved in search marketing, while assuring me that the details and labor required would be handled on our behalf. From coaching us on our website strategy to handling all the demanding complexity of online marketing, SnapHawk guided us through the process. Since, I had neither the skill nor the time to do anything like this on my own I'm extremely grateful. I would highly recommend SnapHawk to any business or professional person who wants to gain more web traffic and professional success."

Dr. Christopher Miller
Director—Evanston, Illinois
Leading Counseling Center

"David is a super-star."

Peter Wilander
Vice President—Detroit, Michigan
Worldwide Airline

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart. We really appreciate your highly customized consultative approach. We couldn't be happier with our results. Cheers!"

Krystal Fenlin
Owner—Highland Park, Illinois
Landscaping Service

"I wanted to send a brief note of thanks and appreciation to the SnapHawk team. SnapHawk has helped our business grow and empowered us to think and act more like strategic business owners. As a result, we now strongly endorse SnapHawk. Your technical expertise and support combined with your unique process makes for a winning formula. What's even more of a surprise is your support has increased the satisfaction I get from being a small business owner."

Colette Bescoe
Owner and CEO— Ashville, NC
Niche Marketer of Promotional Products

"I would not hesitate to recommend your service to any entrepreneur, business owner, marketer, or anybody else looking to gain sales results and grow their business."

Randy Echie, CPA
Director—Omaha, NE
Financial Services Company

"David Miller is a true leader; he gained our respect through his willingness to pro-actively offer insightful and creative solutions. By being extremely level headed and confident, David operates effectively in this highly competitive environment. His leadership style always includes strong ethics and integrity. In his approach, David confidently exhibited exemplary decision making and analytic abilities while demonstrating a fine sense of humor in some very challenging situations."

John Fassbender
Director—Edina, Minneapolis
Worldwide Airline

"Thank you for your support. I am thankful beyond words. More power to your company."

Myla Teak
President—Tinley Park, Illinois
Educational Network

"Immediately, we knew SnapHawk's team shared our passion and dream for our business. If you want exceptional search engine marketing results—call SnapHawk! By combining a highly customized consultative approach, profitable business insights, powerful technology, cutting-edge marketing talent, and awesomely credentialed and certified staff we have seen our sales skyrocket. All SnapHawk's resources, expertise, and efforts are dedicated to our ultimate goal: earning us money sustainably. Thank you! Thank you!!"

Kenneth Davis
President—Morton Grove, Illinois
Advertising Specialty Industry

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