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Pay-Per-Click Advertising Services

Do you ever wonder:

  • How do I drive more visitors to my website?
  • Are potential customers finding me online?
  • How can I show up in search results?
  • Are my online marketing dollars spent on the most effective strategies?

Search Engine Marketing offer unparalleled opportunities for drawing in customers, driving sales, and measuring marketing results for your business. Search Engine Marketing also poses immense risk to squander investments through uninformed endeavors.

Leveraging our expertise in marketing management, consulting, and internet experience, SnapHawk launches and manages targeted Pay-Per-Click Advertising Campaigns that position your online presence for optimal success. Partnering with you, we engage in our four-stage process:

1) Understand Business, Marketing, and Website Goals (Learn More)

2) Customize and Setup Pay-Per-Click Advertising (Learn More)

3) Execution (Learn More)

4) Measure and Refine (Learn More)

Account Set Up
(Strategize and Design)
Account Management
(Execution and Optimize)
  • Analyze existing campaigns (if applicable)
  • Create and test multiple ads
  • Create compelling and effective ads
  • Develop optimized campaigns
  • Create geo-targeted campaigns
  • Direct Keywords to relevant pages
  • Maximize each platform’s components
  • Properly use budget tool
  • Properly use content match
  • Properly use keyword matching options
  • Properly use negative keywords
  • Provide valuable Pay-Per-Click consulting
  • Research and select targeted keyword
  • Use clients knowledge as a resource
  • Active monitoring and bid adjustments
  • Track and optimize ad performance
  • Continual detailed reporting
  • Conversion tracking and ROI analysis
  • Eliminate ineffective terms and ads
  • Improve click-through-rates
  • Improve quality score
  • Analyze keyword performance
  • Lower cost and cost-per-conversion
  • Continual budget management and analysis
  • Optimize and expand AdGroups
  • Premium access to Google, Yahoo & Microsoft Services
  • Trademark infringement prevention
  • Updates with platform changes

Pay-Per-Click is a cost effective advertising method that puts your company directly in front of its target audience. To partner with SnapHawk on your Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign please contact us and one of our online marketing specialists will be in touch with you.

For information on pricing and service packages, please visit Pricing.

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