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Americans get so caught up in their use of smart phones, laptops, and tablets that we often take access to technology for granted. Many of us think that having Internet access is a given. We can’t imagine going about our daily lives without Internet, let alone without a computer. But many Americans are less concerned about their favorite new Internet app than about actually paying for Internet. The concept of a digital divide is often thought of on a global scale so the divide in the U.S. is often overlooked; but, the F.C.C. is taking on the digital divide here in the U.S. 

The New York Times outlines the program but we provide an overview here for quick reference: With the help of tech companies who will provide software and major cable and Internet providers the F.C.C. is working to bring Internet access to low income families in the United States. Their service will be $9.99 a month and IBM is refurbishing computers to be bought for $150 with the help of micro-financing provided by Morgan Stanley.

Creative Solutions, Tips, Internet-Trends, Technology, Internet, How ToDo “123456”, “abc123”, and “Qwerty” look familiar to you? That’s probably because they are some of the most popular passwords around. If you’re like most people, then these examples or some variation of them may have been one of passwords at some point. Because we’re living in the age of awesome, but sometimes frustrating technology, a lot of our personal data is stored on the Internet, which makes us all potentially vulnerable if personal data were to fall into the wrong hands.

With all the recent hackings in the news, it’s imperative that you secure your personal and business accounts to the fullest extent. We here at SnapHawk always try to inspire tech awesomeness and marketing savvy so the following are some helpful tips that should amp up your security and let you continue managing your Internet marketing campaign, business, and overall lifestyle smoothly.

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The other day I wrote a blog post about tablets that are currently on the market. In the post I noted that the information presented was accurate as of August 18th, 2011 (the day the blog was published) and also mentioned that it’s always good to double check which make and model you are looking at when buying a technological device. Just seconds after I published this post—and as proof of the fact that technology changes faster than most people can keep track of — news broke that the HP Touchpad (one of the tablets compared in the blog) is being discontinued. 

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