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SnapHawk believes that an informed client makes better decisions. In the ever evolving world of digital marketing, it takes serious effort to stay on top. Here at the SnapHawk blog, you'll find updates on the latest developments in digital marketing and tech trends so you that you can stay connected and informed about important issues that impact your business.

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Hulu giving competition run for their money in streaming video businessThe masterminds behind increasing Hulu’s paid subscribers should give themselves a pat on the back. Reaching their goal of 1 million users 3 months ahead of the predicted target date says a lot about Hulu’s marketing and business strategy.

After taking a look at Hulu’s strategy and successes I wanted to point out a few aspects of their strategy that we at SnapHawk believe exemplify an effective marketing strategy aimed at targeting key audiences and listening to customers.

Creative Solutions, Tips, Internet-Trends, Technology, Internet, How ToDo “123456”, “abc123”, and “Qwerty” look familiar to you? That’s probably because they are some of the most popular passwords around. If you’re like most people, then these examples or some variation of them may have been one of passwords at some point. Because we’re living in the age of awesome, but sometimes frustrating technology, a lot of our personal data is stored on the Internet, which makes us all potentially vulnerable if personal data were to fall into the wrong hands.

With all the recent hackings in the news, it’s imperative that you secure your personal and business accounts to the fullest extent. We here at SnapHawk always try to inspire tech awesomeness and marketing savvy so the following are some helpful tips that should amp up your security and let you continue managing your Internet marketing campaign, business, and overall lifestyle smoothly.

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The other day I wrote a blog post about tablets that are currently on the market. In the post I noted that the information presented was accurate as of August 18th, 2011 (the day the blog was published) and also mentioned that it’s always good to double check which make and model you are looking at when buying a technological device. Just seconds after I published this post—and as proof of the fact that technology changes faster than most people can keep track of — news broke that the HP Touchpad (one of the tablets compared in the blog) is being discontinued. 

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Lately there has been some serious buzz about tablets and it seems like a new one gets released every day. Since it feels like every tech company in the world is creating their own version of the tablet, there must be something that makes these devices so popular. I am on a mission to find the best features the tablet has to offer – and what differentiates some of the many versions out there.

First off, what are some of the features of a tablet that make them so popular?

Tips, Internet, Creative Solutions, Internet Trends, Facebook  With 750+ million users, 55% of all social site visits, and 40% of daily web traffic, Facebook is more than just a simple social media website. It enables users to stay up to date with current news about their friends and the world, check into places where they are currently hanging out at, view advertisements tailored to their interests, and send private messages and chat with friends. Facebook has also become a business tool, giving businesses a channel to connect with an interested audience who are more likely to respond to advertisements, deals, or discounts.

While Facebook is clearly not lacking in variety of features, the social media giant continues to innovate and launch new applications and updates frequently. It’s hard to stay current with all the new features, so here’s a summary of Facebook’s latest additions and how they can make your social experience even more awesome.

Tips, Internet, Creative Solutions, Internet TrendsWith Apple’s iCloud.com just being released this week (currently for developers only), cloud technology will continue to be the next big thing and is clearly here to stay. According to Wikipedia, cloud computing is “the logical computational resources (data, software) accessible via a computer network, rather than from a local computer.” You may be wondering what does this mean to me? Why do I care?

How about making your life more easy and your technology more integrated? For instance, cloud technology will allow you to access your documents, contacts, calendar, photos, and any other information that you want on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. This technology is revolutionary because users will no longer be required to install specific applications, such as a word processor, because the programs will be managed by their web browsers.

Internet experts have long tailored search results to individuals based on previous user data.  Google’s newest search feature one-ups that technology by attempting to predict what a user wants before he even finishes his query; in essence, Google Instant attempts to read his mind.

Google Instant constantly searches as the user types his query, providing results even before he finishes a word.  Clicking “search” and pressing enter are no longer necessary with this time-saving tech tool.

Late last month, Mozilla revealed a new interface feature for Firefox called “Tab Sets” (formerly called “Tab Candy”)  that is poised to revolutionize and organize the way you browse the Web.  Tab Sets allow users to organize their tabs into separate spaces, or sets, and gives a full window view of their layout.  This new feature will be available within Firefox 4 Beta 4, to be released on August 23.  With Internet Explorer 9 and Chrome 6 set to be released soon, this feature could set Firefox apart from the competition.

Mozilla FirefoxOver the past few days, I have had the chance to play around and experiment with Tab Sets.  So far, my impression has been overwhelmingly positive. I have been known to have up to 30 tabs open at one time in the same window.  Some might call me a tab addict.  I often google something, open search results in new tabs, browse a little, and then think of something else to google.  Often I am hesitant to close a tab because I’m not sure if I’ll need to come back to it.  The result is a bunch of tabs crammed on the small strip at the top of the browser.  With Tab Sets, I don’t have to worry about the number of pages I have open, because I can now organize the tabs into separate sets.

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Think how your behavior has changed. Looking up a telephone number... Yellow Pages, online search, or mobile phone? The Yellow Pages hard copy is significantly smaller than it was even 2 years ago. Need information about a customer or a competitor. Where do you go? Shopping for a product or service. Where do you go?

The shift has happened from offline marketing to online marketing. Newspapers, television, radio and magazines have lost substantial segments of their audiences. Consumers and businesses have shifted their behavior from traditional offline to online and this shift will continue at a rapid pace...

Where will search engine optimization be ten years from now?Whether you’re new to SEO or you’ve been dealing white-hat strategy for awhile now, you’re probably curious about where online marketing is headed. Here’s a quick look at some emerging trends and predictions for what’s to come:
•    Social expansion. “Social media optimization” is already a hot buzz word in the online world, and it’s only going to get bigger as we move toward the future. Not only will you need to know how to publish a first-rate Web site, but you’ll want to build skills for developing viral Twitter campaigns, gaining Facebook friends, creating popular YouTube channels, crafting killer mobile apps, and writing expert blog posts. Get ready to blend your expertise in new ways, but also to face the challenge of dividing your skill sets appropriately between different buckets. Optimization is not the same as marketing, which is not the same as analytics, after all. And as one blogger has admitted, not only must social media experts be ready to deliver great content across a variety of channels, but that content should be portable – meaning that video files, PDFs, and audio files are available for convenience and speed to any visitor. The Future Buzz has a great graphic on how SEO and social media empower each other cyclically: check it out here.

What's a more ridiculous scenario? Dr. Evil taking over the world or Google?Any time Google introduces a new service, or even announces its plans to do so, a familiar echo is heard by Internet users and industry experts across the globe: “Google is taking over the world.”

Of course very few people actually think Google is trying to control the world, but it seems very clear that they have plans to expand their business into virtually every market on the Internet (and then some!).

SnapHawk is an SEO provider that will bend over backwards to drive your business results farther. We even do yoga sometimes, too!All businesses need search engine optimization (SEO), whether they are large financial corporations, chain restaurants, or local yoga studios. In fact, whether you are rolling out your mat or rolling out your new marketing campaign, some of your strategies could use a little overlap.

•    You want to be flexible. Successful SEO tactics should incorporate a plan that allows adaptable Web page design and malleable site structure, so that quick changes can be made to your layout, image settings, and general content as your company grows and expands. You want to shape your site to fit client needs and readers’ attention. What’s more, you want to be open-minded about incorporating the results you discover from tracking tools such as Google Analytics into your pages. Your site, like your company’s model, strategies, and human-driven potential, should remain a flexible entity. Just ask any yogi you know: he or she didn’t learn to pull off a stable headstand or a stellar scorpion pose by sitting around on the couch; stretching, not stagnancy, proved to be the key!

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