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Social Video Marketing, youtube, branding“Show, don’t tell”

These three words from a Mashable article I just read sum up the current state of marketing. In today’s marketing environment brands that are able to engage customers through some type of visual experience are giving more traditional companies, that rely on catch phrases and slogans, a run for their money.

Video: The Latest Tool In Social Media

One way to keep up with this new visual trend is social video marketing. Creating a presence on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are key to a good online marketing strategy but great marketers are going beyond that. Consumers today seem to be looking for sites with some form of active engagement. 

Tumblr, social media marketing, search engine optimization

So tumblr is not a new site but there seems to be a recent explosion of blogs on Tumblr that are just too entertaining to ignore. It is not exactly clear what has created this explosion of new sources of comic relief. Maybe it is the invasion of memes and people needing a place to post them besides Facebook. Regardless of the reason for the sudden rise in popularity, there are plenty of entertaining blogs on Tumblr that can keep you occupied for hours. The Huffington Post provides a list of 33 must follow blogs and Social Media Explorer has their own list.

digital divide in united states, technology

Americans get so caught up in their use of smart phones, laptops, and tablets that we often take access to technology for granted. Many of us think that having Internet access is a given. We can’t imagine going about our daily lives without Internet, let alone without a computer. But many Americans are less concerned about their favorite new Internet app than about actually paying for Internet. The concept of a digital divide is often thought of on a global scale so the divide in the U.S. is often overlooked; but, the F.C.C. is taking on the digital divide here in the U.S. 

The New York Times outlines the program but we provide an overview here for quick reference: With the help of tech companies who will provide software and major cable and Internet providers the F.C.C. is working to bring Internet access to low income families in the United States. Their service will be $9.99 a month and IBM is refurbishing computers to be bought for $150 with the help of micro-financing provided by Morgan Stanley.

Creative Solutions, Tips, Internet-Trends, Technology, Internet, How ToDo “123456”, “abc123”, and “Qwerty” look familiar to you? That’s probably because they are some of the most popular passwords around. If you’re like most people, then these examples or some variation of them may have been one of passwords at some point. Because we’re living in the age of awesome, but sometimes frustrating technology, a lot of our personal data is stored on the Internet, which makes us all potentially vulnerable if personal data were to fall into the wrong hands.

With all the recent hackings in the news, it’s imperative that you secure your personal and business accounts to the fullest extent. We here at SnapHawk always try to inspire tech awesomeness and marketing savvy so the following are some helpful tips that should amp up your security and let you continue managing your Internet marketing campaign, business, and overall lifestyle smoothly.

Tips, Creative Solutions, Internet Trends, MobileToday, the news is full of articles about patents, acquisitions, lawsuits, and product launches all focused on one industry: mobile technology. We’re rapidly entering a period where demand for desktops and laptops is diminishing and want for tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices is skyrocketing. The computing capabilities of mobile devices today are so advanced that you check the weather or surf the web as well as complete more complicated to-dos, like transfer money into your checking account. Mobile technology is advancing everyday, making everyone’s lives a little more convenient on a personal and business level. Here are some interesting ways that a business can maximize smartphone capabilities to grow your business.

creativity, social media marketing, marketing, social media

The Inspiration

A few weeks ago I read a great story about a coffee house in Houston that uses social media marketing (SMM) to personalize customer service in order to compete with larger franchises. The owner of the coffee house received a direct message via Twitter from a regular customer saying he was in a hurry and could he pick up a breakfast burrito as he drove by? The owner Tweeted back “What do you want on it?” Sounds pretty convenient to me.

Tips, Internet, Creative Solutions, Internet Trends, Facebook  With 750+ million users, 55% of all social site visits, and 40% of daily web traffic, Facebook is more than just a simple social media website. It enables users to stay up to date with current news about their friends and the world, check into places where they are currently hanging out at, view advertisements tailored to their interests, and send private messages and chat with friends. Facebook has also become a business tool, giving businesses a channel to connect with an interested audience who are more likely to respond to advertisements, deals, or discounts.

While Facebook is clearly not lacking in variety of features, the social media giant continues to innovate and launch new applications and updates frequently. It’s hard to stay current with all the new features, so here’s a summary of Facebook’s latest additions and how they can make your social experience even more awesome.

linkedin logo, linkedin graphic, linkedin help, linkedin blog

With an abundance of social media sites out there, and new ones cropping up all the time, it has become difficult to differentiate each site. After a while they start to blur and it can become frustrating and tiring to try and keep up a presence on each one and to keep up to date on the newest social media  and Internet trends. One site that is sometimes overlooked and is becoming increasingly important for professionals who want to be "plugged in" is LinkedIn.

Over the past few weeks, as I myself have become even more familiar with LinkedIn, I have noticed there is a lack of understanding of the benefits of LinkedIn and how the site is in fact different from other social media platforms. The questions, “Isn’t LinkedIn the same thing as Facebook?” and, “Do I need to be on LinkedIn?” are common ones. This may come as a surprise to some but no, Facebook and LinkedIn are not the same thing, and yes you need to be on LinkedIn if you are in the college phase of your life or beyond. Here’s why:

Tips, Internet, Creative Solutions, Internet TrendsWith Apple’s iCloud.com just being released this week (currently for developers only), cloud technology will continue to be the next big thing and is clearly here to stay. According to Wikipedia, cloud computing is “the logical computational resources (data, software) accessible via a computer network, rather than from a local computer.” You may be wondering what does this mean to me? Why do I care?

How about making your life more easy and your technology more integrated? For instance, cloud technology will allow you to access your documents, contacts, calendar, photos, and any other information that you want on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. This technology is revolutionary because users will no longer be required to install specific applications, such as a word processor, because the programs will be managed by their web browsers.

Thanks to the Internet, people who never fancied themselves writers (or moreover, have no proper training in the subject) find themselves behind the wheel of major publishing tools like Facebook, Twitter, and blogs. Whether or not “citizen journalists,” as they’re often called in the media world, are “real journalists” is a debate better left to the annals of academia. The bottom line is the Internet allows anyone to be a published author. Furthermore, many businesses are feeling the pressure to launch blogs on their websites in order to incorporate more SEO (Search Engine Optimization) keywords.

1. Know What You Don't Know

Let’s face it, when you’re running a business, you don’t always have time to read up on current industry news. With purchase orders, payroll, and clients to deal with on a daily basis, only the biggest innovations and findings make their way onto your radar, but the Web is riddled with blogs that make your industry news its top priority. They are in the business of knowing what you don’t even know you don’t know. No one will ever know everything about their particular industry, but taking the time to figure out what you don’t know will ensure that your blogs are not misleading or out of date. Take an hour and become familiar with resources that will help you sort through the vast amounts of information out there. A quick search will reveal helpful “top 50” lists for the best blogs pertaining to your specific interests. Make sure to include a few small business blogs in this mix.


Internet users in pursuit of the latest breaking news or their favorite TV shows are rarely distracted by small advertisements on the side of the screen.  They are focused on their final web destination, and it is difficult to tempt them to stray from that path for more than a few moments.

That is why start-up Adkeeper has created software that allows users to store ads they find interesting and view them at a more convenient time.


For businesses struggling to generate a buzz without much money in the marketing budget, Foursquare might be the answer.  It’s low-cost and low-effort, but it gets the name out there through a very credible source – best friends.

Foursquare is a mobile phone application which allows consumers to tell their friends where they most like to eat, shop, hang out, and just generally live their lives.  They “check in” to their favorite spots, and the application notifies their friends via social media including Facebook and Twitter.

Do I have your attention? Stand out like a purple cow.A lot can be learned from successful author, marketer and blogger, Seth Godin.  One of Godin’s key points throughout his written work and in his blog post topics is that the best way to market a product is to generate buzz.  Often times this buzz is generated through word-of-mouth where friends spread the word to other friends, inherently building a trust factor into the marketing surrounding an idea or consumer good.

Marketing and advertising have traditionally been known to interrupt us during activities we would prefer to do more than watch an ad.  Commercials on TV, pop-up ads on the Internet, and distracting billboards on the highway all tend to get in the way of our everyday lives, leading us to ignore and disregard them at any opportunity.

Have you ever thought about the way your office space motivates workers, promotes their creativity, or increases productivity? Twitter reinforces their bird-centric branding with designs like the one at left, and we’ve all heard of extraordinary work facilities like the GooglePlex, Facebook’s HQ, or Pixar’s campus which have revolutionized the definition for “cubicle.” Now game rooms, cafeterias, work out centers, colorful paint and super-shiny and sleek furniture are part of the mix. And don’t forget Red Bull London’s office with an enormous slide for traveling between floors. Now that’s introducing a playful vibe into the workplace!

Talk about taking branding to a whole new level. Do you think your mind would gravitate more strongly toward your company’s unique qualities, vision and overall marketing strategy if you were surrounded by physical reminders throughout your day?

Perhaps you’re not ready to make the plunge toward a totally-futuristic office design, but you want to incorporate something a little new and funky. Check out these wild and off the wall products for introducing a little zaniness into your space. You never know: it may spark more imagination than you expect!

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