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So tumblr is not a new site but there seems to be a recent explosion of blogs on Tumblr that are just too entertaining to ignore. It is not exactly clear what has created this explosion of new sources of comic relief. Maybe it is the invasion of memes and people needing a place to post them besides Facebook. Regardless of the reason for the sudden rise in popularity, there are plenty of entertaining blogs on Tumblr that can keep you occupied for hours. The Huffington Post provides a list of 33 must follow blogs and Social Media Explorer has their own list.

We’ll let you explore these lists on your own (as some are not related to the point of this blog and not exactly work appropriate). However, for those of you new to Tumblr we thought it would be nice to continue our series of social media “how-to” blogs.

Tumblr is great because your blog can be completely personal, just for business, or for any purpose in between. Many users create blogs to share their opinions on whatever topic speaks to them at the moment. However, publications like Newsweek also have a Tumblr account - so you can see that there is a wide range of users on the site. For more examples check out Etsy’s and Instagram’s blogs.

What can you post on Tumblr? Well that’s the beauty of this site. You can pretty much post anything. Think of it as an expanded Twitter. You can post longer updates, pictures, and charts that may not interest your Facebook friends but that are too long for Twitter. This makes Tumblr a great marketing tool because companies can post details of their business and marketing promotions on a permanent blog dedicated entirely to their business. Search Engine Journal provides a great guide to marketing on Tumblr

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Another great feature of Tumblr: tags! Talk about a site made for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Users can add tags to their posts that make them easy to search and provide a great marketing tool for businesses that want to be found and build an online presence. Tags also make is extremely easy for visitors to find the content they are looking for once they get to your blog.

Last but not least there is of course a iPhone app for Tumblr to keep you connected wherever you may be. Have an idea for a post? Create a draft on your phone that you can finish on your computer later. 

A screenshot of a Tumblr blog's homepage will not do it justice so here is the link to the Huffington Post’s Tumblr to go along with their excellent guide to getting started on Tumblr. Enjoy!