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Lately there has been some serious buzz about tablets and it seems like a new one gets released every day. Since it feels like every tech company in the world is creating their own version of the tablet, there must be something that makes these devices so popular. I am on a mission to find the best features the tablet has to offer – and what differentiates some of the many versions out there.

First off, what are some of the features of a tablet that make them so popular?

Here are some great reasons to use a tablet:

1) Portable: This first feature almost goes without saying. They are clearly much thinner and sleeker than a regular laptop making a tablet easy to carry around (saving you some back pain in the future). If you are afraid that your tablet might be too fragile, you can always get a nice case to go along with it.

2) Internet Capabilities: The Internet capabilities and speed of each device vary, but the ability to check email on the way to work or browse the web without sitting at a desk sure is nice. Of course you can do this with a laptop too but it’s much easier to pull out a tablet on the subway or a bus than to balance a laptop on you lap.

3) Camera: Ok now here is a feature that we think is pretty great. Many tablet devices come with a camera that takes good quality pictures, most tablets even have two cameras. Even more importantly, most tablets have cameras that will allow you to use Skype and FaceTime on your tablet allowing you to video chat on-the-go. 

tv video movies streaming tablets hulu netflix4) TV and Video: Comcast now has an Xfinity app for the iPad and Android tablets. Now you can watch TV on you tablet wherever there is a Wireless connection. You can also stream movies and TV from Netflix and Hulu. It’s like having a TV in every room of your house.

5) Apps: Last but not least, there are more applications than we can count that you can download on a tablet device. Here we concede that Apple probably has the competition beat, but that’s not to say that other devices don’t have apps, they just don’t have, well, quite as many. There is probably an app out there for pretty much anything you can think of so it’s pretty safe to say you will never get bored using a tablet.

These five features definitely apply to both personal and professional use of the technology available. At SnapHawk we like to use the most advanced software and hardware to create marketing and financial results for clients. For example, mobile technology enables us to use search engine technologies and stay connected with clients in the office and on-the-go.

For those of you with an appetite for even more detail, here’s some additional analysis:

Ok, so with all of the different competitors out there developing their own version of the Tablet how are we supposed to choose one? Well there may be no way to pick a clear winner because everyone looks for something different in their technological devices, but this table should give you a starting point towards choosing the tablet that best fits your interests and needs. The information in the table below was accurate as of August 18, 2011.  

table tablets comparison specs

tablets, compare, images of each tablet

A few other things to keep in mind:

If you want access to the Internet on the go you aren’t just looking at a base price anymore. You also have to factor in data plan cost from your wireless carrier. This is usually a month-to-month plan—without a contract—but some wireless carriers offer a discount on the price of the tablet for signing a two year data plan contract.  

Do you want to save some money? Many wireless carriers also sell refurbished tablets so if you want a particular tablet but think the price is pretty steep that may be a good option for you to consider. Sites like Amazon and Best Buy also sell tablets at discounted prices without the stipulation of signing a contract. If you aren’t interested in a data plan those sites might be a good place to look as well.

Buyer Beware: The specifications of each of these tablets often vary as new models are released. With updates and new models coming out what seems like every five minutes just remember to double check which model or version you are looking at in a store vs. online so you don’t wind up with something different than you expected. And remember: the information in the table above is accurate as of August 18, 2011.

For further information and reviews you may want to check out (or if you have an subscription) for additional tips on Computer Buyer and Tablet advice.