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If you’re like over 15 million other people worldwide, you may be a user of StumbleUpon, a discovery engine that suggests web content based on your interests. Once overtaken by your interests, one can spend hours on this site, sorting through pages and pages of content about technology, design, music, or any other topic you may be interested in. While this site is a fantastic procrastination tool, it can also be a great marketing tool, too.

Some marketers, however, have a love/hate relationship with the site because even though it sends a large number of viewers to your site, the traffic doesn’t usually last for more than a couple of seconds. However, with StumbleUpon recently beating out Facebook and becoming the biggest social media traffic driver, you may not want to discount the site from consideration. StumbleUpon lets users discover your site without having to click on ads or links; your page is your ad. Here are some tips on how to maximize your site’s or blog’s exposure on StumbleUpon.

1. Have Rich Content

If nothing catches a user’s eye immediately, chances are he/she will stumble on to another site without thinking twice. Often, individuals make split second decisions when reading a website. Capture your viewers’ interest by providing visually appealing graphics and relevant, compelling information. With more viewers liking or sharing your site, traffic growth can expand exponentially as others continue to see it!  Sounds good, ah.

2. Use Everything You Got

StumbleUpon provides numerous tools to connect with your audience for free. StumbleThru is a product that essentially gives users a personal tour of your site, directing them to the best content. Another tool, Badges, puts a StumbleUpon link on your site so viewers can click it and add your site to the StumbleUpon index. This recommends your site to users who would be interested and allow viewers to rate and share it. Also consider, linking your site’s Twitter or Facebook so viewers can connect with you on other social media sites.

3. Consider StumbleUpon’s Paid Discovery Program

While you can essentially advertise on StumbleUpon for free and organically try to garner more interest, you might want to consider their Paid Discovery program. Paid Discovery is a way to introduce your brand to customers who otherwise may have not found you. Paid Discovery finds users who are interested in learning about new things, while traditional Paid Search finds users who are looking specifically for a particular product or service.

Traditional paid search programs require users to “search” for what you specialize in or sell in order to find your website. Paid Discovery is different because it allows users interested in your niche to find you, even if they don’t specifically search for your services. Essentially, StumbleUpon lets you show people what they want before they even know it themselves. Potentially, this scratches an unmet need. Starting at as little as $0.05 per visitor, StumbleUpon will serve your page to the right interested audience.

4. Follow Those Who Like What You Like

Depending on what you like and dislike on StumbleUpon, it can match you with users who are interested in a particular area of a topic. If your likes are similar enough to other users, then your site will possibly come up when they stumble. If you come across a site that you’re interested in, click on the “speech bubble” icon to see who originally submitted the page and other users’ comments. If you have a lot of similar interests with particular users, follow them. This will not only help you find more sites that are relevant to you, but it will enable others to find your website. 

5. Be an Avid Stumbler

Pay-Per-Click, PPC, Organic Search, Paid Search, Paid Discovery, Search Engine Optimization, SEO, Advertising, StumbleUpon

Finally, if you want increase your viewership on StumbleUpon, you need to stumble, stumble, stumble! Just like on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites, in order to engage others, you need to be active yourself. Manage your “Interests” and check off those that describe your industry. Stumble through topics that are relevant to your content and StumbleUpon will suggest your favorites, including your website or blog, to other users that like/dislike the same topics as you. As these users comment on, click thumbs up or thumbs down, and share your site, you will gather an audience and find those that are interested in your ideas and content.