Thanks to the Internet, people who never fancied themselves writers (or moreover, have no proper training in the subject) find themselves behind the wheel of major publishing tools like Facebook, Twitter, and blogs. Whether or not “citizen journalists,” as they’re often called in the media world, are “real journalists” is a debate better left to the annals of academia. The bottom line is the Internet allows anyone to be a published author. Furthermore, many businesses are feeling the pressure to launch blogs on their websites in order to incorporate more SEO (Search Engine Optimization) keywords.

Upon launching a social media site or blog, people immediately become concerned with followers, re-tweets, comments, and links. As a professional, I suggest focusing your time and attention on content and copy editing. It really doesn’t matter how many people “Like” you Facebook Fan Page if the writing is sloppy and unclear. This goes for tweets and comments as well. You’re a professional promoting a business, not a 13-year-old plugging his latest Garage Band creation. Use capital letters and punctuation where necessary. Potential clients will make split-second decisions and judgement calls from any content you publish online. Good writing principles will help sway these decisions in your favor. 

There are two ways to go about sharpening your pen, so to speak: the first is to read, read, read and the second is to take an online course. The course doesn’t have to be on blogging or writing for the Web, necessarily. Any professionally-administered writing course will refresh your memory and teach you lessons you can apply to business writing. Choosing a subject will help you to engage more deeply, allowing the principles to really sink in.

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Some course are free, but you’ll have to pay for the good ones. Think of it as an investment in your company’s future.

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Edited by: Thu Dang