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Going Mobile

In today’s ever changing world of marketing, mobile is now the place to be. Looking at trends in marketing over the past few years there has been an amazing progression along with the prevalence of smartphones to a more mobile based strategies.

Advertising with Mobile

Advertising is one major way that marketers are taking advantage of the mobile trend. As a Mashable article calls it, appvertising (or advertising on mobile apps) can add great benefits to a marketing strategy. When consumers see ads on TV they may not be so inclined to follow the call to action in those ads because it takes some effort. However, with mobile appvertising ads become more interactive and a consumer can take a look at your product with a quick touch of the screen.

Mobile Apps

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Creating an app for your company is a different story. This takes some more technological knowledge. It is worth considering whether the development of an app will be beneficial or if creating a mobile version of your website is a better option. If you do decide to create a mobile app, here are some tips from one of our favorite resources, Mashable,  on how to optimize your app. One cool new way to create awareness of your app if you do choose to create one is AdExtensions. Part of Google Analytics, AdExtensions will add an app link to the search results for your site. 

QR Codes and Location-Based Marketing

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Another way to use mobile marketing is with QR codes. QR codes can be a really effective way to get consumers to your site but don’t be fooled, simply sticking a QR code on a store window is not quite enough. The main advantage of QR codes is their  effectiveness when used properly as part of a location-based marketing strategy. The best way to use QR codes is to think of them working together with URL’s in order to track traffic to your site via mobile users and to use them in conjunction with other forms of advertising to really create a sense of curiosity from the consumer that will encourage them to make use of the QR code. To learn more about QR codes, location-based marketing and other mobile trends be sure to check out these two articles: 

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Don’t Forget About Conventional Forms of Marketing

As mentioned briefly above, it is important to use mobile marketing in conjunction with conventional options rather than focusing solely on mobile. It’s always good to make sure your marketing strategy incorporates different mediums to create a cohesive campaign. Using just mobile, or just social media won’t allow you to reach all potential customers. Using different mediums allows you to reach more people and really connect with them and keep their interest. In particular small businesses that are eager to gain customers should make sure not to jump straight to mobile without first creating an overall strategy for their business. 

Final Words

Just as mobile became a major trend in Internet marketing as the field developed,  mobile marketing itself will continue to evolve and change so be sure to keep up on the latest trends in mobile. If you aren’t sure where to start and are curious about marketing resources give us a call