Tips, Internet, Creative Solutions, Internet TrendsWith Apple’s just being released this week (currently for developers only), cloud technology will continue to be the next big thing and is clearly here to stay. According to Wikipedia, cloud computing is “the logical computational resources (data, software) accessible via a computer network, rather than from a local computer.” You may be wondering what does this mean to me? Why do I care?

How about making your life more easy and your technology more integrated? For instance, cloud technology will allow you to access your documents, contacts, calendar, photos, and any other information that you want on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. This technology is revolutionary because users will no longer be required to install specific applications, such as a word processor, because the programs will be managed by their web browsers.

If you are currently using a Web-based email service like Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail or social media websites, such as Facebook or Twitter, you have already had some exposure to the convenience of cloud computing. This accessibility can also be extended to the workplace. Here are some reasons why you may want to move your business into the cloud and how it may change the way you do things.

Collaborate More Efficiently

Tips, Internet, Creative Solutions, Internet TrendsBefore, if you and your co-workers were working on a document or spreadsheet, chances were you were emailing the project back and forth, waiting for one person to finish their portion before you can edit it and start yours. With applications, such as Google Docs or Microsoft 360 everyone can view a document at the same time and work on it simultaneously. We here at SnapHawk utilize multiple collaboration tools, which helps us organize our social media marketing, Per-Per-Click campaigns, and other Internet advertising projects that make a major impact on our clients’ results.

Access Your Important Documents Anywhere

Cloud computing is especially helpful if you are working outside of the office. If you’re traveling or working at home, cloud technology allows you to view your documents or calendar from anywhere there is Internet access. Another added plus is that since cloud technology saves all of your documents on the Internet, you won’t run the risk of losing all of your important information if your primary computer crashes. Of course the downside to this is that if a Web-based application goes down or malfunctions, you won’t be able to access any of your content. This dilemma demonstrates how important it is to back-up your information on multiple sources so that technology is only aiding, not hindering your productivity.

Cut Costs

Tips, Internet, Creative Solutions, Internet TrendsSince cloud-computing is billed at a monthly rate, you can adjust your server space according to how much your business needs. You don’t have to set up a server so you can allocate the resources and hours that the project would have taken on something else. Many cloud-based applications are also free, so costs will continue to decrease as you utilize more programs on the web. One great service is Evernote, which stores your ideas, reminders, to-dos, etc. so you can remember tasks and sparks of inspiration later on.

It’s undeniable that cloud computing will change the way people and businesses will do things. Some people are apprehensive about moving their information to the cloud for security reasons and becoming too dependent on the cloud in case they were to lose Internet connection. These are viable concerns so each business should evaluate its needs and choose the option that corresponds with its goals.

If you are concerned with security, make sure your passwords are strong or do not import all of your data onto the Web. If a Web-browser application is not sophisticated enough for the needs of your business, use a combination of installed and cloud-based programs, such as Excel and Google docs.

Quick Wrap-Up

All in all, cloud computing can greatly increase your productivity and enhance your business once you find the right fit for you. It all depends on your business and technical objectives and goals. All of us at SnapHawk are wishing you the best as you navigate the unending excitement of technical and business harmony.