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Pay-Per-Click Advertising

SnapHawk finds the fairest cost for your business. Businesses can start small or scale large, and we offer pricing plans that match the needs of your business. Our fees include a One Time Set-up Fee, which may be adjusted based on the company’s size / budget, and a Monthly Management Fee (see below) depending on the amount you’ve budgeted for search engine advertising.

SnapHawk Pay-Per-Click Pricing


Smaller budget? Not a problem.

For clients who have a Monthly Traffic Budget of $999 or less, we have SnapStart pricing, which is our low budget program with a One Time Set-up fee and a Monthly Management Fee.

Snaphawk works without contracts and guarantees results.

Call SnapHawk today at 1.800.SnapHawk (1.800.762.7429).


SnapScale Pricing

SnapHawk One Time Set-up Fee: $995 (adjustable to company size/budget).

SnapHawk Monthly Management Fee: A bigger advertising account involves more management, so SnapHawk charges a flat fee depending on the monthly fee for the search engines (see below).

Search Engine Fees: Based on success of campaign and traffic to your site (pay-per-click advertising fees).

SnapScale Monthly Traffic Budget
(Paid monthly to search engine based on amount of monthly traffic)
SnapHawk Monthly Management Fee
Up to $999 (SnapStart Program) $200
$1,000-2,500 $350
$2,500-5,000 $600
$5,000-7,500 $700
$7,500-10,000 $800
$10,000-15,000 $1,000
$15,000-20,000 $1,500
$20,000-35,000 $2,000
$35,000-50,000 $3,000
$50,000-75,000 $4,500
$75,000-100,000 $5,500
Greater than $100,000 Please call for quote



SnapStart Pricing

Depending on a client's strategic marketing needs, a great way to get started is the SnapStart (low budget pricing plan). Choosing this program depends on industry and size of the company, number of campaigns, ad groups, keywords, products and services, and other important factors to consider.

Our SnapStart pricing includes a One Time Set-up Fee of $495 and Ongoing Monthly Management Fee of $200 per Month.

SnapHawk One Time Set-up Fee: $495

SnapHawk Monthly Management Fee: $200

Search Engine Fees: Up to $1000 (pay-per-click advertising fees)

Please call today to discuss your business' needs. 1.800.SnapHawk (1.800.762.7429).


Search Engine Fees

Your advertising fees depend on the amount you chose to invest in advertising with the search engine(s), including the amount of traffic your site receives each month. By working with us you agree to the current terms of service of Yahoo! Search Marketing, Google AdWords and Microsoft AdCenter. Any traffic received through these accounts will be paid by direct credit card billing for your accounts. Your monthly traffic budget will not flow through SnapHawk.


No Contracts

Soar Higher With a Safety Net
SnapHawk works without contracts, so you can cancel any time without consequences.

SnapHawk Guarantee

SnapHawk knows that many businesses already participate in pay-per-click ad campaigns, but SnapHawk guarantees you better results. SnapHawk is pleased to guarantee existing Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing, and Microsoft AdCenter advertisers improved results within the first 30-days of service. If an advertiser feels that SnapHawk's efforts do not justify its fees within the first 30-days, a complete refund of all SnapHawk fees will be provided. This improvement guarantee confirms SnapHawk as one of the few professional search engine marketing companies to offer a money-back guarantee, proving our confidence in our ability to help clients achieve results.

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