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March 8, 2008


SnapHawk Expands Successful Internet Advertising with Google

On March 5, 2008, SnapHawk attended a Chicago Association of Direct Marketing event at Google, Inc, to explore emerging trends in digital advertising. In the fast-paced digital world, changes occur everyday with new innovations and adjustments. SnapHawk believes in staying agile and looking toward the future.

During the event, “Digital Trends: Best Practices Shaping the Future of (Direct) Marketing,” held at Google, Inc.’s Chicago office, Midwest Director Jim Lecinski covered four aspects of Digital Marketing:


  • Be Always On
    Consumers are online 24/7 and are searching for products and services.
  • The Moment of Relevance
    The instant consumers find their relevant products or services.
  • No Media is an Island
    An integrated approach is necessary; what happens offline affects online behavior.
  • Radical Transparency
    Multiple tools enable accountability and measurement of direct consumer behavior.


SnapHawk applies these lessons to the work it produces—finding innovative ways to reach consumers and understanding what captures audience attention. With SnapHawk, small to mid-size businesses can increase the number of consumers they reach through direct advertising.

SnapHawk Managing Partner and Founder David Miller says, “At SnapHawk we support clients in focusing on their core business while attaining the best possible results from their search engine marketing campaigns.”

About SnapHawk
SnapHawk (www.SnapHawk.com) specializes in successful Internet advertising; specifically, search engine marketing for small and midsized organizations. A marketing-driven technology company, SnapHawk professionally develops, implements and manages Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft pay-per-click (“sponsored links”) advertising accounts, empowering clients to maximize Internet advertising results while saving time and money. Proper setup and management of these powerful programs usually can make the difference between an advertiser’s failure or success.

Over 500 million searches are done each day through search engines such as Google and Yahoo! Direct marketing allows businesses to reach consumers at their computers by generating ads related to these searches.

For additional information please contact David Miller, Managing Partner and Founder or Nancy Jackson, Media Relations of SnapHawk at 1.800.SnapHawk (1.800.762.7429).


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