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We value your diverse interests and strengths.

Your interests are the single most important factor in your happiness and success. And of course, we know you work best when you’re having fun and loving your life. We appreciate every individual as their own world, and know that when diverse people come together, incredible things happens. SnapHawk has made a conscious effort to build a carefully selected team of extraordinarily gifted professionals, each among the very best in his or her profession, rather than a larger group of highly competent but less obviously remarkable personnel. Life is very sweet; don’t waste it. Working with us is fulfilling.

SnapHawk is a search engine marketing / analytics leader.

By taking reign of the internet marketing revolution, we fly overhead and see beyond the present horizon. The revolution is in its infancy, and we need talented people like you. Leadership is revealing worth and potential to an individual so clearly that they come to see it in themselves. Human potential and innovation feed us. Your creative work is vital. It’s a gift to the world and every being in it. Don’t hold back your contribution. Give us what you’ve got!

SnapHawk is fierce and spontaneous.

We are relentlessly client-focused and aggressively empathetic. SnapHawk’s culture is an entrepreneurial, fast-paced, adaptable, energetic environment where serious efforts results in serious rewards. Working at SnapHawk will engage both your mind and your heart. We regard entrepreneurs as the “artists” of the economy. Our creative value comes from the collision between spontaneity, opportunism, discipline, and processes. By cultivating these different intelligences, we challenge and stretch ourselves above the limits. We offer just another day in entrepreneurial paradox.

SnapHawk is reflective and strategic.

SnapHawk is about continuous optimization (test, learn, refine). At SnapHawk we strongly believe in small, decentralized, highly collaborative teams as opposed to bureaucratic layers.

  • With clients—we are solution-focused consultants, knowledgeable advocates, and ethical partners.
  • With co-workers—we are supportive collaborators, direct communicators, and accountable team players.


SnapHawk has a vigorous culture.

Children-at-play and SnapHawk's roost of marketers, technologists, entrepreneurs, and artists have something in common: they love what they're doing and they're always ready to explore new challenges and ideas. We provide a casual, inspiring workspace to support you and your well-being, including a relaxed "shorts and sandals" environment, shoreline running trails, professional growth opportunities, music, and plenty of treats to get you through the day. SnapHawk's goal is to provide benefits that support and care for our co-workers (employees) so they will be their best. We’re all in this together. Loving each other in life secures everyone.


We realize students need to start somewhere and experience is essential to that growth. SnapHawk offers internships in every function.


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